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Privacy statement

FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. with its registered office at Na Pankráci 1684/15, Nusle, 140 00 Praha 4, corporate ID: 25653491, recorded in the Register of Companies held by the Municipal Court in Prague, file no. C 58357 (hereinafter “FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o.”) appreciates your trust and is committed to protect your data, including personal data, during their processing. FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes all personal data solely in line with legal regulations stipulating personal data protection.

The objective of this statement is to provide information on the personal data processing in relation to the visit of the FRENCH–REST spol. s r.o. websites
(;;, as well as some other cases of personal data processing when the activities of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. involve processing of other persons’ data (for example customers in stores, journalists, etc.).

1) Log Files Processing

a)      As part of the access to its website, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes log files on the access to the website to protect its rights and legitimate interests. Log files are processed without the consent of the website visitor. Log files are stored over the period of 1 month from the visit of the website. These log files will be processed by FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. itself, or by an authorised third party.

b)      As part of the log files processing, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes the following data that may (but do not have to) include personal data of the website visitor:

i)       a website from which the visitor came to the website;

ii)      IP-address;

iii)     date and time of access;

iv)     client’s question;

v)      code of the answer http;

vi)     transferred data groups;

vii)   information on the search engine and operational system of the computer that was used to visit the website.

2) Personal Data Processing for the Sending of a Newsletter

a)     If a visitor wants to receive a newsletter and other advertising messages, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process personal data of such visitor for these purposes, pursuant to a consent, at least in the scope of the email address. If the visitor additionally provides his/her identification data (title, name, surname, telephone number), FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes this information for the above purposes. The content of the newsletter, and other advertising messages may be personalised pursuant to provided information and other information for content personalisation that FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. identifies from the behaviour of a visitor at the website, or the newsletter.

b)      FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. starts to process personal data of a visitor only after the visitor ticks the ticking field for the sending of the newsletter and other advertising messages and subsequently confirms the registration for the newsletter subscription according to the instructions contained in the delivered email. If the registration is not confirmed, the data entered by the visitor in the form will be liquidated without any delays.

c)     The provided personal data are processed over the period of 10 years or until the withdrawal of the granted consent. Personal data will be processed by FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. itself or by an authorised third party, specifically Rocket Science Group, 675 Ponce de Leon Ave NE, Suite 5000, Atlanta, GA 30308, operating the service.

d)      The consent with personal data processing is entirely voluntary, an may be withdrawn anytime, either by sending the statement of withdrawal in writing to the registered office address of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. (see above), or by clicking to this link. The granted consent may be withdrawn also by clicking to the “Unsubscribe from the newsletter” link in the sent newsletter or advertising messages. Without the granting of the consent, the sending of advertising messages of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. is not possible.

3) Personal Data Processing in Relation to the Reservation or Order Made at the e-shop

a)      In respect of reservations of services or purchases of goods and services at, and, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process personal data of customers in the following scope: name, surname, e-mail address, telephone contact and address for the delivery of goods, if these goods are to be delivered to the address stated in the order.

b)      FRENCH–REST spol. s r.o. will process the above personal data to provide for the reservation and order of the goods and services, delivery of ordered goods, and last but not least, to protect its legitimate rights.

c)       FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process the above personal data of customers for the period of 10 years from the making of a reservation, order and conclusion of a relevant purchase contract.

d)      FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process personal data of customers itself or will authorise a third party for this purpose in line with the Act. If the ordered goods are delivered to the address stated in the order as requested by the customer, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will provide personal data of customer (in the scope: name, telephone, e-mail address and address for the delivery of goods) to the relevant transporter.


4) Personal Data Processing in relation to the Dealing with Suggestions, 
     Answering of Questions and Handling of Complaints

a)     FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. values its customers; for this reason, it operates customer support. Through this customer support, customers and other persons may contact FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. with their questions and requirements, via telephone, e-mail or through a shipment delivered by a postal services operator.

b)      To answer the questions and deal with the requirements sent to it, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process personal data provided by the persons who asked the question or made the requirement. FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process such provided personal data only in the necessary (provided) scope and only until the question is answered or requirement dealt with, or if there is need to process personal data for other purposes (for example for the protection of rights and legitimate interests of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o.). These personal data are provided to FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. on a voluntary basis as FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. would not be able to answer the question or deal with requirement without knowing them. For this reason, this is a processing without the provision of a consent.

c)       If a complaint is made to FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. regarding the goods or services through customer support (via telephone, e-mail, post), FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will process personal data also to deal with such complaint. The legal basis for this personal data processing is the adherence to the contractual and statutory obligations of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o.; for this reason, this personal data processing does not require the consent of the person making the complaint. In respect of the dealing with complaints, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes personal data additionally for the purposes of the protection of its rights and legitimate interests in the event of a legal dispute arising from the complaint. In this case, the consent of the visitor is not required. The period, scope and other aspects of personal data processing for the purposes of dealing with the complaint depend on the obligation of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. to deal with the complaint.

d)   The provided personal data will be processed by FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. itself, or it will authorise a third party for this purpose in accordance with applicable and effective legal regulations. If appropriate or necessary, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. will be authorised to deliver the processed personal data to its suppliers and producers for processing and answering of a question, dealing with a requirement or complaint.

5) Use of Cookie Files and Website Analysis

a)      To improve the operations of its website, assess its usage level and optimise marketing activities, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. uses cookie files on its website. Cookie files are small text files stored, through the search engine, locally in the computer that is used to display the website.

b)      Cookie files are not used for and do not allow personal identification of website users. The list of all cookie files that FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. collects on its website is available here.

c)      If the website visitor does not agree with the collection of cookie files, he/she may prevent their collection through a change in the setting of his/her search engine, in the below manner:



Search engine:

Explorer 7, 8, 9

Firefox 4.0

Different search engine

Cookies deactivation:

1. Select the "Internet possibilities" option in the "Tools" menu.

1. Click on "Firefox" in the main menu and subsequently on the "Options" menu.

You will find instructions for deactivation and removal of Cookies in the help section of the relevant browser or contact the browser manufacturer.

2. Now click on the "Personal data protection" bookmark.

2. Select the "Privacy" section

3. To block all cookies, move the scroll bar in the setting frame up.

3. Deactivate the "Allow servers to set cookies" option in the Cookies section

4. Confirm your setting by clicking on "OK".

4. Confirm your setting

Cookies removal:

1. Select the "Security" option in the tools menu and then click on the "Delete browsing history"

1. Click on "Firefox" in the main menu and subsequently on the arrow at the "History" menu.


2. Tick the "Cookies" field

2. Select the "Delete recent history” option

3. Click on the "Delete" button

3. Select "All" in the "Period of deletion” option


4. Open details by clicking on arrow in the "Details" option and tick the "Cookies" field and click on the delete button


 Google Analytics and Google AdWords

a)      To analyse websites using cookies files, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. uses Google Analytic, developed and operated by Google Inc., with its registered office at Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043, USA (“Google”).

b)   The analysis using the Google Analytics service is performed as follows: the information on the use of the website developed through collected cookie files is transferred to the Google server in the USA and analysed. Given the IP-addresses anonymisation set at the website of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o., the IP-address is made shorter by Google before the transfer of data to the Google server in the USA, in some of the EU or EEA member states. Only in exceptional cases, the complete IP-address is transferred to the Google server in the USA and made shorter (anonymised) there.

c)       Google will not connect the transferred data, including the shortened IP-address, with other data. The statement of Google on personal data protection is available at this link.

d)      Website visitor may prevent the collection of cookie files and their analysis using the Google Analytics service by a change in the computer setting, as discussed above, and by clicking to the following link, by which an opt-out-cookie is placed in the computer and it will prevent the saving of data on visits of the website;

e)      As part of the Google Analytics service, FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. also uses relating advertising functions provided by Google, such as summaries of displays in the Google advertising network, extended reporting of anonymous demographic data (e.g. age, sex, interests) or displays of advertising in the content network pursuant to viewed products (remarketing), including the Google AdWords service used for the personalisation of advertising and improvement in the targeting of advertising and remarketing. Thanks to that, it is able to offer advertising content to the visitors of its website that will be as interesting for them as possible.

f)       The visitor of the website of FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. my deactivate or modify the personalisation of advertising through its Google account, using the following link.

6) Other Rights relating to Personal Data Protection

a)      If FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes personal data of website visitors, persons calling the customer line, customers or other persons in line with this statement, every one of them is entitled to:

i)       the right for the information on the processing of their personal data;

 ii)     the right for the access to their personal data that FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. processes;

iii)     the right for the correction of their personal data that FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o.  processes, if the processed data is not correct;

iv)     and other rights, primarily the right to request explanation in connection to the processing of personal data, as well as the right to request that FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. should make the relevant correction or amendment to personal data of the person concerned (including potential blocking or liquidation of their personal data). 

b)      Persons concerned who want to send their questions regarding personal data processing by FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o., or want to enforce their above rights, may contact FRENCH – REST spol. s r.o. using any means of communication. 

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